What Does It Mean to Dream of Wells?

In this article, we will talk about what it means to dream of wells. There are many dreams that are special; dreaming of wells is one of those dreams that can be considered esoteric. Among these dreams, we must also mention the dream of flying and dreaming that we take great leaps. Some of these dreams may be normal dreams, but others may mean something on an esoteric and mystical level. That is why we will give, on the one hand, some interpretations and, on the other, some esoteric considerations regarding this extraordinary dream. Let's see the two aspects of what it means to dream of wells.

What does it mean to dream of wells: psychological aspect

From the point of view of the interpretation of dreams in psychology and symbolism, we can consider that dreaming of wells is always talking about some inconvenience that cannot be corrected, about something inside us that decays and does not allow us to emerge. It can be a situation, or it can be a person who has us trapped. The truth is that dreaming of wells can be a symptom of an unpleasant state and a moment in our life. Within the dream, there may be variables; that is, we can dream that we fall into a well and cannot get out, that there is a ladder to emerge or that someone closes the lid of the well for us. Whatever the dream, we must always interpret it as a part of us that is in a bad state and tries to get out of it. Since the usual thing is that you want to get out of the well, and therefore it is very different from dreaming of a well to dreaming of a cave or closed space since the well implies the certainty that we need an exit. That is why from the psychological point of view, the well also means a recognition of our negative state.

What does it mean to dream of wells in esotericism?

Esotericism considers that dreaming of wells can be associated with some instances of a person's energy body; that is, from a non-psychological point of view, the dream of a well or falling into a well can be a kind of reflection produced because the Astral body goes to lower regions or only because that body detaches itself from the physical body and falls. It is for this reason that dreams of flight and fall are associated with the same thing, that is, with different reflections related to the departure of the astral body from the physical body. This exit can make the personal dream of falling into a well. If the person also dreams of ascending from a well by means of a ladder, this may be due to a specific movement of consciousness that is ascending, that is to say, that it is reaching higher regions. Here we talk a little about what it means to dream of wells, and we hope our article has served you.