5 Reasons Why You Need a Gemini Best Friend in Your Life

    To have a Gemini friend in your life is to be very lucky. People often think that Geminis are very difficult to understand and that it is even more challenging to have them as a friend, but the reality is much further from that. If your best friend is Gemini, you have guaranteed laughter, fun, and adventures.
    1. With Gemini, you will never know what it is to be bored. Here are the reasons why your best friend should be a Gemini:

    Who Are Your Best Friends According to Each Sign Gemini is that friend who makes you laugh even when you shouldn't laugh. The one who teaches you the best memes, the one who tells you the best jokes. Prepare to receive a jokes day in and day out too. He has an incredible sense of humor. It reaches such a point that he can laugh at himself when things do not go well or when he makes a mistake. With Gemini, you will not know what it is to be sad because when you least expect it, they will come and make you laugh, even if you don't want to. Geminis are not afraid of being ridiculed because they will be the first to laugh. With his impeccable sense of humor, he will make you laugh every time.
    1. It will always tell you what it thinks without any filter.

    Geminis are never afraid to tell you exactly what they think about you. If you wear something that he does not like, he will not hesitate for a moment to tell you that he does not like what you are wearing. Geminis have many opinions and believe it is best to share them. And best of all, he has a super open mind and is very respectful. It does not bother him or care that you think differently from them. He loves to peacefully "discuss" his points of view with others. It is appreciated having such a sincere person by your side, who always tells you everything he thinks. Gemini will not be foolish or preposterous. If they have to tell you something, they will tell you simultaneously they need it. It will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.
    1. He is a knowledgeable person, very creative, and likes to be well informed.

    Do you have a question about something? Go to Gemini. He knows absolutely everything. He will investigate and search from top to bottom to find out everything. If you don't know, don't worry, you are looking for the tricks to find out. It can store information in your head as if you had the Internet in your brain. And best of all, Geminis will never boast of being the smartest in the room, and they will show their intelligence when they need it. Any gossip you need to know, Gemini will know before anyone else. Perhaps it is your intuition or your intelligence, but you know it without hardly anyone having told you anything. Geminis have a talent for giving and giving, and they need always to be doing something because otherwise, they will get bored.
    1. He is kind to such an extent that he is capable of doing anything to help you.

    Gemini can stop what they are doing if they feel like they need your help. They can decipher your gaze and realize that things are not going well for you. You don't even need to ask for help. Gemini is capable of giving his life for you. He is very generous to the people he cares about. And if you need money, he will be the first to lend you anything you need. For Geminis, friendship is above anything material. Even when he is going through the wrong time, Gemini will be the first to help you if you are wrong too. Having a Gemini friend in your life is a real luxury.
    1. Your intuition is capable of figuring out the problems of others.

    5 Reasons Why You Need a Aries Best Friend in Your Life Gemini is someone super understanding and very intuitive. When one of their friends is in trouble, Gemini instinctively picks up on it before anyone says a word about it. With Gemini, words are unnecessary. He has the best words and the best advice. In addition, afterward, he will do everything possible to help you and make sure that you are okay. He knows what to say to make you feel better, and his advice is beneficial. In addition, he is very compassionate, and he will always understand you, whatever problem you have. You know very well what it's like to feel misunderstood, and you don't want anyone to feel that way. He can understand anything that happens to you and will not judge you or ask you for an explanation for what you do. Having such a person by your side is lovely. If you are still not sure why Gemini should be your best friend, it is best if you find out for yourself.  Good luck and enjoy the remarkable friendship of Gemini. Here are only five reasons. The rest, you have to discover little by little.