How Are the Gemini Soulmates for Their Loved Ones

    Gemini is so curious and passionate about everything in life that they need someone by their side, which is the same way. A madman, someone who is not ashamed to do anything, that active person who removes his whole life, but for the better. Geminis want originality and, above all things, made by and from the heart. They don't want boring details, and they don't want expensive details either. He has been collecting too much "garbage" for some time, and he is unequivocal that he no longer wants it.

    He is tired of being told not to stop, that he is always here and there, and that he does not "marry" anyone. The thing is that Geminis will "marry" whoever they want Geminis. They will slow down their pace of life whenever they want and, of course, not when you tell them to.

    It needs to be accepted, not only with its good part but with that part that also drives some crazy. Even in that lies its charm. She is fed up with the rest always wanting to make changes in her person: "You have to change this Gemini, you have to be this way, you have to calm down a bit ..." Really, she has already been through so much that it is preferred to stay alone before to end someone like that. It would be best if you had the ideal complement, someone who does not disturb, who completes and does not force you to get rid of ANYTHING of your personality.