How Gemini Wants to Make the World a Better Place

    Geminis want to change the world, and they will do it their way. Geminis are born different from others from the moment they are born, making them nonconformist people. He knows what it is to fight so that others do not see him as the weirdo, and because of that, a Gemini will never settle for anything. Although it is also true that Geminis are a bit lazy at times. They can be lazy, and there are days when they prefer to stay on the sofa watching how the rest of the world lifts. But beware, don't underestimate the power of Gemini.

    Even if he is not fighting for change day in and day out, Gemini will be the best version of himself.

    It is the best friend, the best son, the best father, the best partner. And although others may not believe it, this is how Gemini will gradually change the world. Gemini is a person who always needs to connect with the people around him, but also with those he does not know yet. In general, Geminis are very friendly, even with strangers. Empathy is one of its greatest virtues. Whenever he sees someone suffering, he puts himself in their shoes and imagines everything they must be going through. For that, Geminis will always do everything possible to be able to help those who suffer, whether they know them or not.

    He cannot allow himself to see how people are suffering, and he does nothing to change it.

    Gemini does not seek to be the king of the world and the only one in command. That would be a position that they would not be willing to assume. He is waiting to change the world little by little and be able to help everyone who needs it. He knows perfectly well that he is not the most charitable person in the world, but every day he fights to improve as a person and, above all, he fights to be a better citizen of the world.