How to Conquer a Gemini

    You are a good person.

    You may not have the best character in the Gemini world, and you know it, but you don't know how to be the wrong person. What's more, many times you have failed because you are too good a person. Without further ado, this is a significant priority for you. It takes a lot of kindness and a good heart to win you over. Although the heart has many defects, if there is goodness to you, it does not matter because imperfections can be so perfect for you.

    With a lot of ingenuity and creativity.

    Creative and ingenious people attract much more attention to people who do the same as everyone else. You love people who are different, original, and who conquers with lip service, as you could do.

    You are not giving everything to yourself from the beginning, and you like people who spread a bit of mystery and make you want more Geminis.

    It's complicated because, on the one hand, you like to be listened to almost at all times of the day, but on the other, you get too bored if that person pays attention to you and does not let you breathe at ease. Gemini is straightforward, you want your partner to be interested and worry about you almost all the time, but you also want him to leave you wanting, to make you mad a little, not to give everything to you the first time to start a flirting game in which you would move very well.

    With selfless displays of affection.

    To conquer Gemini, you have to be honest with your feelings and not mince words. The person interested in your heart has to know this Gemini. They have to know that it is much better to say everything they feel at all times than to keep it to themselves. If you discover that your partner is hiding things, mistrust will knock on your door.

    With understanding, patience, and a reasonably open mind.

    Understanding yourself is more complicated than eating soup with a Gemini fork, and you know it perfectly. Often you do not understand yourself, but it is what it is. That is what it is about. Whoever wants to be with you has to accept this, period. You do not want someone by your side which looks at you out of the corner of their eye judging you, and you do not want to be questioned, ashamed of yourself. You want someone who understands and understands that you are and will be the most beautiful and different natural disaster of everybody.

    You like people who love to talk, who have lip service, and who are intelligent.

    Someone with whom you can share your concerns, someone who does not look at you with a crazy face for some madness that you release through your mouth, someone who supports you in your decisions and does not judge you for being different Geminis. To win you over, someone has to be an open and intelligent mind that is not old, boring, or very uncreative.

    To conquer your heart, you need a lot of Gemini passion, but it has to be the correct dose of passion, the one you say because if you can't get overwhelmed and PUM, fly and disappear.

    How Will Taurus Find Love That You Should Know You like that they provoke you a little healthy jealousy but that they do not go overboard. Your partner is there for the good and the bad, but you also like to share those moments with your friends and family. It is a bit complicated, but it could not be otherwise Gemini coming from you. Whoever wants to be with you, get ready because it can be the most incredible adventure of your life.