How to Know if Gemini Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    When you fall in love with Gemini, you notice how something inside you is changing. In love, Gemini, you are a person whose highest priority is enjoying and living in the moment. You are even someone who hates commitment and thinks it is an "invention" that is already outdated. But all this perception that you have of love begins to change when you feel something more for someone. When you start to realize that perhaps making plans together is not silly.

    You know perfectly well that you are falling in love when you start to see that person in the long term and not just as something temporary and fleeting.

    When you feel you are getting hooked on that drug, they call it "love." Now love has taken on a more critical position in your life. Your world begins to change now. The future is much more important than you previously thought. You even notice how you are beginning to try to understand your feelings and everything related to them. But you realize that you are 100% in love when you finally only have eyes for that person and no one else. When you want to commit to having a faithful and loyal relationship. Now, you want to stop having so much fun, stop partying, and spend more time with that person.

    Despite your extensive social life, you know that you like that person when you start prioritizing your time and just looking to spend more minutes with them.

    And look, this is very difficult for you, Geminis, because your friends are someone significant in your life, but now you see yourself in the obligation of having to share that time, and you know that you do it because it is born from you and not because nobody he is imposing it. You realize that you want to spend the good and most challenging times with that person. You are not so afraid of your emotions and your feelings, and you feel that you can finally break free. And oddly enough, you start to feel like doing something "romantic" with that person. Gemini, before falling in love, you are a person who hates romanticism and everything that has to do with love. But mind you, now your way of living love has changed, and you want to enjoy it to the fullest.