The Most Beautiful Side of Gemini

    The most beautiful thing about you, Gemini? Many things, it is evident, from someone like you we could not expect less. What is the most beautiful thing you have, and what makes you an irresistible person from start to finish? YOUR LIP and your curiosity for everything unknown. The ease you have to connect with others and make them feel at home by being by your Gemini side is priceless. You connect with people very quickly, thanks to your Gemini lip. You can convince someone not to take water to the desert, and you know it. You connect that it is nice, but you discover with art very worthy of someone to admire Gemini, if you want to find out something about someone, in particular, you do it. Your desire for freedom, to want more, to give everything, and to fly is always present. You do not stay with the minimum. No, your curiosity and your lip are in charge of discovering the smallest detail of that person.

    You are a young soul, hyperactive, restless, and sure of your most extraordinary task: RULING THE WORLD.

    You are an interested soul, who does not rest until it is satisfied, who always wants more and rarely gives up, and that, Gemini, is astounding. Excellent, no, fantastic. And a lot.