Tips on How Gemini Can Improve Their Relationship

    Generally, Gemini, you are a person who is very concerned about the future. You don't get obsessed with it, but you like to have a clear idea of what you want and what you don't want. Before falling in love, you want to have time for yourself and your ideas and forge the future you have wanted for so long. # You want to be able to reach your goals and fulfill all your dreams. That is your priority.
    You are one of those people who puts work before love, and you don't mind admitting it. But there are times when you fall in love without wanting to or thinking about Gemini. There are times when you weren't even looking for it, but love comes into your life, and you can't tell it not to come in.

    Gemini's first piece of advice we want to give you is that you learn to enjoy the present and forget about the past and the future.

    Carpe diem, Gemini, enjoy the very moment in your life and relationship. And stop worrying so much about the future. Leave the past behind because, as they say, past trodden, there is no more. You love to live relationships intensely, and as soon as you fall in love, you are already thinking of living a whole life with that person. But calm down, Gemini, we understand that you already want to get married after the second date, but the important thing is to enjoy what you have right now. Enjoy the trip and not just your destination.

    The second piece of advice is closely related to this too, and that is, Gemini, you have a hard time appreciating what you have, and you realize it when you lose it.

    You have to know how to value what you have at the moment and thank your partner for everything he does for you now. Thank him every day, and thank yourself for doing everything you do. Don't be afraid to say "I love you" or show how you feel for your partner. Say it now or shut up forever, Gemini. Later, you regret it and want to return to the past when you lose it. And we're sorry to say to you that time travel is still not very feasible. So the best thing to avoid these problems is to know how to value what you have right now and enjoy it to the fullest.

    Gemini's last piece of advice is to relax and lower your expectations.

    We know that you would like to live the typical movie love, the one in which you fall in love, and everything is perfect. But you know perfectly well that reality is not like that. You can continue dreaming if you want, but you also have to learn to accept the harsh reality. You will not find the prince or princess of your dreams. So, Gemini, don't ask your partner to be someone they can't be. You don't want your relationship to be perfect because it never will be. You will have your problems, little arguments, pluses, and minuses, so relax and don't have such high expectations. We give you these tips, Gemini, but it is up to you to apply them to your relationship or not. We do it because we want the best of you, and we want to become the best version of yourself.