What Annoys Gemini Most in a Relationship

    As you get to know your partner, you realize that some things get you out of your boxes and get on your nerves. Everyone is bothered by things and especially when you spend so much time with that person, even when you share everything with her. Gemini, without a doubt, what bothers you the most in a relationship is when your partner becomes a very introverted person when people surround you. Everyone already knows that you are the soul of any party and an outgoing and amusing person.

    It makes you very nervous about people who are not like that, who seem to have no blood in their veins. It is as if they consume your patience and destroy your nerves.

    That makes you very nervous that your partner is silent or wants to go unnoticed. It consumes you that he acts that way, to the point that you can get his attention for being like that.

    Gemini, we already know that you are an incredibly outgoing person with a very explosive personality, but you have to understand that not everyone can be like you.

    Perhaps you are the ying, and your partner is the yang. Perhaps you are two opposites that attract each other. If the whole world were like this, surely there would be many more conflicts. You have to understand your partner more and understand that perhaps it is for something. Just because your partner is a quiet, introverted, and shy person does not mean that you have to be someone like that. Nobody deprives you of being a social person who likes to communicate with others. Geminis, do not bother so much with those banal things and worry about what is truly important. The real problem would exist if your partner were not a communicative person who keeps quiet about the essential things. It would start to worry there, Gemini, but you don't have to worry in the meantime.