What Are Gemini Personality Secrets That You Should Know

    There are many secrets that you probably do not know about Gemini. There is much more behind Gemini, and it has many more features behind that image that it gives to others. We are not going to reveal all its secrets, but here are some of the most important:
    1. Gemini hates conflict and will walk away if they see things getting too hot.

    Geminis always try to avoid unnecessary dramas and conflicts that do not make any sense. Gemini is about going to your ball and disturbing others as little as possible. For this reason, when he sees that something is starting to get too tense, he prefers to walk away and leave things as they are. He has more important things to do than argue over nonsense. He prefers to pretend, forget about that problem and get on with his life.
    1. Geminis want to be pacifists, but they won't be quiet if they don't like something.

    Gemini tries not to have problems with anyone and always goes to his ball, but if you force him to do something he does not want or oppose, he will not hesitate to tell you four things and put you in your place. Geminis try to get along with everyone, but not everyone gets along with Geminis. It can hurt you if you mess with them or theirs. That's when problems arise. Geminis are not afraid to defend themselves and can be very sharp with their words.
    1. The Gemini mind is constantly at work.

    Although Gemini may seem to live in fantasy worlds, Gemini's mind is working very hard. You are constantly creating and contemplating thoughts, ideas, and questions. Geminis are curious by nature and are curious about almost everything around them. It is challenging for you to focus your attention for too long on just one thing because you have so many other thoughts in your head. The Gemini mind never stops because when it stops, it is when it gets boring.
    1. Despite being independent, she likes to flirt a lot.

    One thing does not take away from the other, and we are talking about a sign that loves meeting new people and someone who even talks to stones. There are times when he flirts even without realizing it because it is in his nature. Geminis like to go from flower to flower. Yes, when in a closed relationship, he knows how to respect his partner and is faithful until the last moment. But when he's single, he enjoys meeting people and being nice to everyone.
    1. Geminis have no patience with overly critical people.

    Too critical or too repetitive, let's say that patience is not one of Gemini's greatest virtues. It bothers him a lot when things are repeated repeatedly, but it bothers him more than they are critical. Gemini knows perfectly what he has and what he does not have. There is no need for someone who is constantly repeating it to him. Geminis are incredibly bored by people who look like broken records and always have the same topic of conversation. Gemini cannot stand those people who only look at the negative.
    1. Sometimes it may feel like it doesn't fit in or is too weird.

    Gemini can sometimes be too unpredictable and may feel like they are a weirdo. His mind is not like anyone else's, and he asks questions that no one else asks. Sometimes, you can even surprise others with all your ideas inside. Geminis are bored by being normal and therefore prefer to be different. Although it also has its drawbacks. There are times when you feel misunderstood, that no one understands you, that no one is even capable of putting yourself in your shoes. But he prefers to be like that, and he prefers that no one understands him rather than being the same as the rest of the herd.
    1. Geminis can experience overly intense emotions.

    Everyone already knows that Geminis have a relatively wide range of personalities. He is quite unpredictable due to that duality, and his emotions can sometimes be very intense. Although they seem like people or emotional on the outside, Geminis have emotion for every occasion on the inside. With Gemini, there are only the extremes, the whites, and the blacks. Your emotions are either very good or very bad. And that can sometimes be emotionally draining.
    1. It may take a long time to commit, but it is for real when you do.

    Geminis are reluctant to compromise because they have to close their hearts, and there are no more opportunities to fall in love. When Geminis decide to close their hearts and focus on just one person, it is because they are very much in love. Gemini will not hesitate to commit if you are completely in love and see that the relationship can have a promising future.