What Do Gemini Expect the Most From Others?

    Gemini, in his life, needs people who always have a communication theme, in short, who is communicative. Geminis do not want people who have to corkscrew words and with whom there are uncomfortable silences. He wants talkative people like him by his side because if he doesn't get boredჴ€”he has people with whom to share their intelligence and receive new knowledge in return. Geminis need intelligent beings by their side who will bring them everything that Geminis do not yet know.

    The curious personality of Gemini has to be fed at all times because if it does not enter that loop of monotony from which it is so difficult to get out later.

    What Geminis need the most is constant encouragement. They want adventure, parties, and people with whom they can make any plan. Gemini is a person who, more than leaving the house, finds it difficult to enter his house, and that is why he wants people with whom he can make all those plans that he has in his mind. Geminis want friends that they can never get bored with. But what he needs most in his life are people with an open mind, who do not judge, who like to take risks, discover new adventures, and above all, who do not criticize him for being different. People who understand everything that Gemini has inside and who also help them understand their feelings. Above all, Geminis want people who listen to them and who know how to give them the best advice in the world whenever they need it. In return, these people will receive a Gemini willing to open his heart and love you in the best way he knows how.