What Do Gemini Miss in Love Relationships

    What is missing in your Gemini love life right now? What is the one thing that is more important than everything else? Very simple, there should be much more support to solve the current problems, and you know it. Less arguing, less out of tune, less disrespect, and more leisurely and intelligent communication. How can Gemini be possible if you are one of the people who knows how to communicate best but then shits it the most with your impulses, your pot runs, and everything that slips out of your mouth like a war missile without realizing it?

    You know it, Gemini, your relationship has been affected by misunderstandings and words that should have been thought before being said. You know it perfectly.

    Even if you think there is no severe problem in your love life, there is. Still, you have settled into everyday life, the bread you always eat, what your eyes and ears have already become accustomed to without More remedy because you have had tough times, and you have settled into that shell you have been building and slowly. Do not be afraid, Gemini. Nothing happens. If you focus on creating mutual support and having more patience for everything that comes from now on, things can change better. This has to be reciprocal because if not, it is not worth it. Being in two different stories but with similar ties is not the healthiest thing for you, Gemini. That's not fair. You deserve to have the imperfectly perfect love story written in the same book. A single book. The one who tells the real story. You know it, Gemini, so put the batteries, please.