What Does Love Mean for Gemini?

    What does the word 'love' mean to Gemini? For Geminis, the word love means finding the ideal person and finding your partner. Gemini wants to find that person who understands him at all times, who feels that he is his soul mate, who is there whenever he needs it, and, above all, who makes him laugh and at the same time laughs at him his thanks. Also, love is something that has to challenge and inspire you. It has to be something that makes you feel like being alive, something that brings you fun, and above all, that makes you laugh.

    Love for Gemini is exhilarating, exciting, and empowering. Although Gemini is an independent person, they love to fall in love and give love to those who deserve it.

    When Gemini refers to love, he does not only refer to that love as a couple, and love is also what he feels for his friends and family. Loving means feeling surrounded by people and feeling that all those people around you are distributing your love. Although it seems that he is a person a little reluctant when it comes to loving, it is one of the signs that he loves the most and that he likes to feel loved the most. All this is because he loves to surround himself with people, share his knowledge, and talk with others, and for that, there must be a minimum bond of love with that person. In short, for Geminis, love is a mix between fun, independence, and affection. It's a bit strange mix, but you will know how special their love can be if you meet a Gemini.