What Excuse Gemini Gives When They Break Up With You

    When you're wrong, Gemini, you have difficulty admitting your mistakes. And that's why many times the excuse you make is that of 'I didn't say that. Stop hiding behind your mistakes. All this comes because sometimes you don't control your words. You love to speak and express your opinion, but you don't know how to measure the scope of what you say. You often end up saying things that you did not want to say, and the excuse you make in front of this is that of 'I did not say anything. Gemini, you are not a stubborn person who has difficulty admitting their mistakes, but sometimes you are ashamed to admit them. For fear of fooling yourself or what others will say when you say you are wrong.

    It's time you stopped saying you didn't say it when you did. Now you have to start saying 'yes, I said so, sorry' and that way everything will be much easier for you and others.

    Currently, we live in a world where being a transparent person is the right thing to do and what people like, but you have to be careful because many people when they see the truth in this face, can be scared and may even feel hurt. Gemini, try to measure the impact of your words. You don't have to shut up or talk less because that's when you lose your essence. You must know what you are saying so that you do not have to apologize or acknowledge your mistakes later. Because Gemini said that, you did it in one of those moments where the words were excessive, and you don't even remember. Stop making that excuse because it no longer works. The people around you know you too well and know when you are excusing yourself and when you are not.