What Gemini Should Adviced in December

    When you least expect it, life will challenge you to test your Gemini courage and, above all, your willingness to change and adapt to what is coming, to new circumstances. Do not pretend nothing is happening around you, don't pretend you can eat all the trouble, and pretend that nothing is hurting you. Gemini, you are a super powerful sign, capable of smiling at others even when your world is falling apart, but hell, sometimes, you have to take everything out and accept that not everything is going as we would like. You have to have the courage to face it, stand up to it, and know if you have to put an end to it.

    You will always be prepared for anything, do not deceive yourself by making cheap excuses for not taking some steps when you know they are more than necessary.

    Gemini, challenges will not wait for you, life is not going to go backward, and opportunities often only happen once at the right time. So think about whether you want to accept your destiny, the one that is being forged right now, or do you want to change it for real and once and for all.