What Gemini Should Let Go in December

    It would be best if you put aside the looping thoughts.

    Yes, Gemini, you can spend hours thinking about the same topic. You also can get rid of those evil thoughts, believe it or not. You are a very critical person with others and with yourself. You love to live in peace, owing nothing to anyone, without being owed anything to you. But the latter is complicated, Gemini. There are bad people in life, people who will give you terrible answers, people who will say cruel things to you, out of place. That is precisely what makes you think.

    Listen, stop your mind anyway.

    People who are not worth it will not do it now or ever. Geminis, are leftover, who are there, and who only get in the way. You have to start spending more of everything, even if it costs you. You know it very well. At the moment, everything can hurt you a lot, but when time passes, things soften, Gemini. The point is that it is during that time that you have to learn to pass. Do not get stuck in absurd thoughts. Look for something, a way to entertain yourself, change things, whatever Gemini is. Beautiful dates are coming. Practice happy thoughts, it will not be an easy task, but it will be necessary.