What Gemini Should Stop Doing Now

    There are certain things you should stop doing to have a much happier and healthier life, Gemini. The first thing you have to stop doing is interrupting others when talking. You love to talk and dialogue, but sometimes you don't even control how far you can go. When you have something to say, you need to say it now, and you can't keep it for a second. You can't even wait for the other person to finish what they say before you speak. Geminis, in this aspect, you need to control yourself a bit because people can come to think that you are a bit rude and that you do not know that you have to let people finish talking and then you can speak. You can even get to shout so that you are heard more than the other person. You can't get to that point, Gemini. Control yourself a little more if you don't want people to get the wrong image.

    Yes, it is true, you were born with the gift of speech, and that is something that can never be changed. But the problem is that you don't know how to listen to others. You love to be listened to, but you prefer not to listen.

    Sometimes you should stop talking and listening to what others are saying to you. They are not even telling you to stop and listen to one of those talks that last for hours and hours but to listen to their advice and what they try to tell you to improve. Yes, Gemini, you are a bit stubborn, which also influences. When you believe that you are right, you do not even consider the opportunity to hear a single word of what others are saying. There are many times that I suppose you might be wrong and you don't know it because you don't stop to listen to anyone. You have to start controlling your lip a little more and pay more attention to everything others are trying to tell you.