What Gemini Wants in a Relationship but Don't Ask for

    You love him, even when you know all that dark instability surrounding him.

    Geminis are everywhere. Even if you think not, they have a hard time expressing their feelings and thoughts and making important decisions in their life because they have an incredible fear of being able miss something. It is difficult for you to choose a path because you do not want to miss the others. Geminis will do everything they feel in relationships, but they will need their time. In the end, he truly falls in love. It will take a while because he can "fall in love" very quickly, but from then on, being blinded by love is something else.

    The problem with Geminis is that they never feel fully understood because neither they understand 100%.

    That is why he assumes that others will not do it either, and that is why he prefers to shut up and shut up than to express what is happening and how they feel by your side. Geminis know that they are complicated and unstable, and they know that they often cross the line and end up screwing it up by making too hasty decisions. He admits it and knows that he is guilty of that but what he wants and wants is to expose himself completely, that you understand him and know how to accept him as he is and above all, put yourself in his skin. You love him despite everything, and that you do not, do not lose the papers as quickly as they can.