What Gemini Wants Right Now

    You want strength, positivity, energy, and good Karma in your Gemini life. You want your people close. You want joy to flood your environment and for nothing to change. You want the good to stay the bloody time and the bad to go to the dark side, with the wrong people who deserve to pay for the things they have done.

    You want Gemini justice, and you are going to have it. You are in it because you will no longer leave room or place for toxic situations, abrasive people, and adverse environments.

    2018 was when your eyes realized the greatest truth of all, who did and who did not, what you did and did not value yourself, who did have enough noses to stay on your worst days water with you because now you stomp. This is your Gemini life, and it is only yours. Whoever wants to share it with you in luxury and who does not understand it, door. Trash out because that is your life and whoever does not see it as something normal is possible because his head is quite abnormal. Here you are, Gemini. Possibly last year, you went from giving opportunities to people who did not deserve absolutely anything. If this new position bothers them, the problem is theirs and not yours because from now on, you are going to stay with whoever loves you for who you are. Eat the world as you know and do it alongside the people you know who have been there for good and the not-so-good Geminis. The dry dock is their company and their true treasure, it is your happiness, and honestly, there is no nothing better than that.