What Gemini Will Never Do

    Something you wouldn't do for all the gold in the world? Leave that sense of humor that characterizes you so much aside from what others may think. Look, Geminis, give everyone who doesn't know how to take a good criticism, because SINCERELY, these types of people are the most negative for you. You are a Gemini and that sense of humor comes with you as standard and you know it. The best of all is that you have it clear, which is good.

    As a good purebred Gemini that you are, you always look at life as if it were a panorama to which you have to add sauce.

    That's right, things and situations that are too boring do not suit you. Instead of abandoning them or removing them from your site, you decorate them, change them to your liking and do whatever it takes with them. As long as they are fun, you are capable of anything and you know it. You're a very active, very restless person (except in those moments when the dream takes hold of you and turns you into a zombie) and therefore need to live a life full of adventures, opinions, and different things. What you would not do is shy and shut up for others. What you don't do is stop being yourself so that the people around you feel good and that no one ends up offended by your jokes. You are the type of person that Geminis always need. You have too good a vibe to think of anything wrong. You jump without looking before letting someone hold you back and control you. Retaining your funniest, craziest side is like holding back a high-speed moving train, and you know it. Before that, you'd rather be a Gemini a thousand times more.