What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Gemini?

    When you do something bad to Gemini, you don't know it, but you are awakening their smartest and most evil instincts. Yes, Gemini is a bloody angel fallen from heaven many times, many times, more than they really should be, but Gemini is like that, a natural person and with zero touches of evil. Now, if someone is going to go for their life, Gemini responds in the same way and will go for the person who is hurting. And look how he can put up with things, but if it comes to saving and protecting his integrity and fighting a really bad person, Gemini doesn't think twice and goes straight to the jugular.

    He doesn't think twice, he acts very cunning, he goes where it hurts the most, he knows where to attack, Geminis play to win, understand?

    His words are like time bombs. Who does not want to savor his heavy hand and his revenge, do not mess with his life, do not hurt his heart and turn around, because when everything explodes, Gemini goes to the end. With Geminis, it will always be better not to tempt your luck and leave their peace of mind.