What Is the Best Part of Dating Gemini

    The best thing about dating you, Gemini, is your spontaneity and unpredictability. That kind of sympathy and kindness that you naturally have is what makes you so special, Gemini. That spontaneous way of acting and speaking makes you a person with an exceptional character. Although also, Gemini, to be honest, there are times when you are a little difficult to understand. Those mood swings make you a bit unapproachable.

    You are so unpredictable and change your mind so much that sometimes you don't even understand yourself.

    But here, we have only come to talk about the good. And it is just that unpredictable part that also makes you so unique. And the one that makes dating you out of this world. Gemini's best thing about dating you is that there will never be a shortage of smiles in your relationship. You have such a witty and witty sense of humor that you can make anyone laugh. Your partner knows that with you, he will never get bored. It seems that everything is fine on the outside, but on the inside, Gemini, you are fighting the battle between your heart and your mind. Even if they say that you are an unpredictable person, you also have your doubts. Sometimes it costs you so much to decide that you prefer to risk and surprise others. With you, each day is a different surprise. You never know what you will do and therefore, neither does your partner. Gemini, another good thing about dating you is your beloved intelligence and people skills. Everyone already knows that you have no problem relating to others or having fun.

    The best thing about dating you is that your partner will never get bored

    You will introduce her to so many people that she can even expand her social circle and meet many new people. Your partner must indeed be not afraid of anything and, above all, who has the same open mind as you. You don't like closed-minded people with clear ideas. You like those people who improvise on the fly, just like you. The best thing about being with you is the empathy and understanding that you have with the problems of othersჴ€”the way of putting yourself in the shoes of others and knowing what that person feels. Gemini, the best thing about dating is that you enjoy every second of everything you have to contribute to the world.