What Is the Secret to Gain the Trust of Gemini?

    You may think that gaining the trust of Geminis is something manageable, something that anyone can achieve. But it's not like that. Although Gemini is very social, they have very few real friends and few people they trust. Over time, people have shown him that it is better to trust a few people, trust the people who show you trust, rather than trust many people. And there is no mistake because Gemini is talking to you. Even calling you a friend does not mean that they will trust you at all times. And you will think that you have to do something very far-fetched and difficult to gain their trust, but no.

    To gain the trust of Geminis, you have to do something as simple as being honest.

    You probably thought you would have to do something more challenging to win over Gemini, but you don't have to go far. Be honest with Gemini, and they will trust you sooner or later. It doesn't take any kind of crazy to let him know that you are interested in them. And sometimes, we indeed complicate ourselves too much to earn the trust of others unless we think we have to change to win others. But no, with Gemini, everything is much easier, but it does not mean that it will be easy. With Gemini, you have to show yourself at all times, and you have to stop being afraid to tell the truth as it is. Gemini values having people with one face by their side, transparent people as they show themselves, and there is no more behind. But be careful, because being honest is not as easy as you think. Once you have gained trust, you need to maintain it. It may not even cross your mind to lie at some point. If Gemini sees that you can lie to anyone, they will think that you will also be capable of lying to them. If so, Gemini will take away all their trust in you.

    Gemini does not demand much of you to have a relationship with you, simply that you be honest, and if they see that you are not going to comply, all will be lost.

    He knows that honesty is the basis of everything, and without it, there is nothing. Without that, he will not be able to be himself, and he will not be able to enjoy the relationship. He will not be able to tell you his secrets. Earning Gemini's trust is easy, but don't screw it up trying to lie to them because they will notice, and it will be too late to fix it.