What Makes Gemini Happy

    Geminis don't need extraordinary things to be happy. All you need to do is find someone to keep up with you. When they debate something, do not remain silent at the slightest changeჴ€”someone to discuss all the words for you. Geminis are bored by people who remain silent and agree with them, even if they are not. Geminis need someone who knows how to keep up and does not tire. Someone who likes to talk as much as Gemini likes. He does not want to be the center of your attention, and he asks you to trust and let yourself go.

    Gemini loves freedom, and when they get it, they are pleased. He is happy when he manages to break all the chains that have ever bound him in his life.

    When he finally manages to overcome all the times they have hurt him. The moment you realize that you have already overcome your fears and all obstacles. There are times that, for Geminis, this path is challenging, but once they regain all their freedom, they are pleased. It may not be something simple, but it is something that will make you regain your essence. And when you get all this, you will find that it was not that difficult. To make Gemini happy, you have to show your confidence. Also, it would be best if you valued everything Gemini does for you and everyone else. You have to be happy too when you see that Gemini has achieved everything they have set out to do. You have to feel proud to have Gemini by your side. Geminis love to feel that they have done things well and that others value all their work. There is nothing that makes Geminis happier than feeling that others are proud of all that they have been able to do.