What Scares Gemini About Their Future

    It's true, you feel a lot of support from your family, your friends and even people you know for a few days. You scold a lot with them, lately more than you should, but it does not come out to be a false person with anyone, and if something bothers you, you act and say it. There is a lot of noise around you, there are many people on your way, and even so, you have lived moments when you have felt more alone than ever, Gemini.  Especially from last year until a few months ago, moments in which, despite the noise and the people, you felt that no, there was no one to count on. Your biggest fear from here for the future is to be left alone, without anyone, support, family, and without a reason to fight for. You have savored Gemini's loneliness. You don't like it. You want someone you can count, scold, plan, live, laugh with whom you can count, plan, plan life, and laugh with. You will always want your people very close.

    You are scared that every person who complements your life right now is leaving.

    It scares you that they don't count on you, lead their own lives, and remind us to count on yours. It scares you that they do not need your advice and know-how to fly without going out of your hand. It sucks, but you like family warmth (both that of your family and your friends), and you would not change that even for money Gemini, but you have to learn to fly and not be afraid of the future especially. You have to learn to have a more positive attitude and to savor the pleasure behind a step free of noise, people, and the Gemini crowd. Think about it, and less is moreჴ€”fewer people around you and more quality with the people who always stay by your side. Value yourself and love yourself more than ever, Geminis. Don't be afraid of letting go, losing, advancing, or moving chips without anyone by your side, because sometimes it is better to walk alone than in bad company.