What Should You Know Before Dating With Gemini

    1. Geminis love to talk and have interesting conversations.

    For Geminis, an uncomfortable silence is quite ugly. Still, the truth is that with Geminis, it does not usually happen long because when they gain enough confidence (which usually does not take long to find it), they speak even though their ears if necessary. Indeed, sometimes he's criticized for talking too much, speaking ahead of time, and so on, but his mind goes faster, and that's what it is. It is worse to run into Gemini's silence than witness their endless conversations.
    1. He is a very passionate person who is much more loving than he shows deep down.

    Gemini is a very loving person and does not hesitate for a second to give everything to make their relationship work. It may be that from the first impression of another impression, it may not first show that sensitive and emotional part that it has for pure protection. When Gemini takes confidence and realizes that their partner is trustworthy and that they can be their pillar, they do not doubt anything about anything. and gives everything. Geminis is a love with childish touches that he truly loves (every Gemini has a girl's soul inside), and willingly or unwillingly, he can make anyone fall in love with that sincere naturalness that he shows.
    1. In his life, a lot of excitement and little boredom.

    If you are going to start a relationship with a Gemini and you do not like adventures, excitement, and adrenaline, you better stay as you are and not start anything with Geminis because if something is true, it is that Geminis are madness in person in this aspect. Although Geminis also have their moments on the sofa, doing nothing, being in bed staring at the ceiling, and so on, they soon get bored and feel the need to do something, as they spend a long time doing nothing and start to get bored, bad.
    1. Gemini is a very expressive person.

    For the Gemini couple, this is a precious part because they can know Gemini's inner state with just a glance at their gestures or their face in general. Gemini is a very expressive person, and their face says EVERYTHING (or almost always), and it is not that they like to beat around the bush when they want to say something. The good thing about Gemini is that he says it as he thinks, it may take some time sometimes, but that is seldom. Gemini has little subtlety in this matter, and if he feels he has to express something, he will do it. There's no doubt.
    1. Curiosity always goes hand in hand with Geminis.

    Geminis have to ask everything because it is healthy for their inner tranquility. If you suspect, ask. If you see something, also ask, and if you want to know something, in particular, do not beat around the bush and ask again. Gemini prefers being a questioning person to being an ignorant person.
    1. One day you may defend a cause, and the next, you detest that cause.

    The evil tongues speak and say that Geminis is a person who changes a lot of opinions on a whim, but those foul tongues do not know that Geminis can do whatever they want and NOT feel bad about it. The foul tongues do not know that Geminis change their mind because they do not enclose themselves in the same bag that all the people who think alike get into. If Gemini is sometimes changeable, their tastes do not stick to a specific idea. If Geminis change their mind, it is because their tastes change, period.
    1. Experimenting will always be a good thing if it catches your eye.

    Gemini is a person who loves to experience new things, who loves to learn, likes very much to obtain new qualities and make their intelligence grow. Geminis love to experiment because that way, they meet new worlds and possibilities, but of course, they love to experiment as long as it is within a sector that gives them trust, respect, and comfort. Geminis cannot be told to open their minds and experiment in some place or field they disagree with because they cut the relationship off.
    1. They have a lot of lip to get everything you want.

    There is no doubt about this. If Geminis can make someone buy him ice at the North Pole or sand in the desert, you cannot even imagine what he can achieve with his lip in his unique relationship.
    1. Gemini is one of the most adventurous people on earth.

    Excursions, trips, last-minute surprises, outings, whatever, but with Geminis by the hand, it is sure to be a guaranteed success. Hand in hand with Gemini, those experiences become unforgettable memories. Forever.