What You Don't Know About Gemini When It Breaks

    If you shut up, let them talk, accept their opinion and continue without putting a "but." Without clarifying your position, it is a sign that something terrible is happening inside your Gemini heart, and you know it. You are not used to letting them trample you and impose their opinion on yours. On the contrary, as a good Gemini, you give war to bore until your opinion is chosen. Nobody knows that you have many ghosts from the past, insecurities, and worries in your head. A cocktail that makes you weaker than you would like to recognize and directly invites you to let yourself be carried away by others, by their rules impositions.

    When you enter that dangerous state of "I'm breaking into a thousand pieces," you let other people make decisions for you, which causes you more pain and anger than you already had.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Crying? Gemini is contradictory because you give them free rein to decide, and when they do, you show your discontent. Still, you don't say why, you don't clarify your fears, you don't recognize that what is happening to you is that you don't even know what is happening to you. A typical, right? Well, in your case, it is not. It is not because, deep down, you like to please people. You like knowing that they are by your side and that they will not want to go anywhere else with you. You love to surround yourself with people because loneliness scares you a lot, and that is the real Gemini problem: you can even go against your ideals just by not going alone for what you love the most. It does not always happen. That is obvious. That happens when you go through traumatic situations or simply when you are not comfortable with some aspects of your life. Thanks to Gemini magic, we know that this is momentary and that your warrior spirit continues to sleep in you.