When Gemini Goes Crazy

    When Geminis cross the line and are angry, they tend to freak out and show their anger in screams, voices, and curses. Gemini is the most talkative sign of the Zodiac, so you have to express everything you feel at that moment through words, whatever it is. In addition, he knows all the power that his words can have, and he knows what to say to hurt. Gemini's strength escapes through his mouth. Geminis don't waste time, and they don't fool around. When he is angry and goes crazy, he goes straight to the point, with no hints or hateful glances.

    If Geminis are angry, it shows even in the way they breathe, so it will be easy to tell if Geminis are angry or not.

    But Geminis have their days, and if you catch them on a good day, that anger can be much calmer than the previous one. But just because it is calm does not mean that it is not peaceful. He may be calm, but his words are like a poison dart that goes straight where it hurts the most. The most powerful thing about Gemini is its language, and with a single word, it is capable of showing you many things. It is capable of passively hurting you. Of course, always direct to the jugular. If you judge Gemini, don't expect to get away with it if you tell him what to do, oppose him, or mess with his people. Gemini will draw their best weapons to attack you in a hazardous way.