Why Dating a Gemini Woman Is Not Easy?

    Gemini is one of the most unpredictable signs in the entire Zodiac. You never know what he wants, what he is looking for, what he needs, what he wants to do, what he wants. The Gemini woman knows how to leave anyone speechless, she has a look that penetrates deeply, has a way of being that remains nailed in the most complex hearts, and no, nobody forgets it quickly. The Gemini girl flirts. She does it very well. She likes to flirt, to be liked, and knows that she draws attention all the time if she wants to. You must be aware that it raises glances wherever it happens and raises passions for everything it does, even if you don't want to.  You will have a group of admirers at all times; you will have a group of people who drool where Gemini passes and who, without a doubt, would kiss the ground they walk on. But Gemini is with you, PENDEJO! So, stop being jealous and shit like that because it's what he hates the most.

    Do not try to clip her wings because it is not her fault for being so attractive to the world.

    Also, what's wrong with liking it? It is not their fault, and it is not their problem that you cannot understand. When Gemini finally decides to settle down with someone, trust me, they will not cheat on you or anything like that, and they are not going to screw you up or hurt you for free. No matter how many suitors behind him, Gemini knows what he wants and what he does not want. Gemini will talk a lot, a lot, they will tell you every story of their life, and they will do it with passion, like someone who tells a story. She does not look to the past nostalgic but knows very well that it is part of her life and that, without that past, she would not be who she is today. For this reason, she loves being able to share her details and experiences with you and get ready to laugh a lot because Geminis is as natural and spontaneous as life itself.

    Indeed, winning his heart will not be easy. Gemini does not give it to anyone. He does not give it to almost anyone throughout his life.

    You can be hot in many ways, but you can also be the oldest person in the universe when you put your mind to it. You may feel that you have her totally in love at one moment, but the next moment, you may think that she is utterly distant from everything. It is part of her dual nature, and if you want to attract her to you, you must give her what she asks for and take care of her genuinely and from the heart. Of course, do not stress when she constantly changes her opinion about something. Suppose he wants sushi for dinner, but later he asks you for pizza, or maybe today he wants to do one thing and tomorrow another, or he wants to study law and the next day medicine. He wants everything so, patience. He loves to talk and dialogue, even arguing, but beware, DO NOT FIGHT. The fights take him to the bottom, become disillusioned with life, become sad, and extinguish his flame. Geminis are conquered with the mind. Flirt with her, but please don't be heavy or tiresome. She may like your physique, like your way of being, your way of walking, or that smile but deep down, what makes her fall in love is your mind, head, and ideas that make her laugh a lot. If you pass those fine lines, you can get too fed up. He doesn't like goofballs. Let him conquer you too. Let him flirt with you too. Don't be pissed off when he gives you a hard time because of a misplaced comment. Sometimes Geminis will spit out what is on their mind, and sometimes what is on their mind should stay there. But he cannot. Although he is calm, he learns little by little that not everything should be said for the sake.

    Dating Gemini is not easy.

    Gemini is all sweetness deep down, but ALWAYS AND WHEN they treat her well, as long as they treat her the same way she treats others. It has a bad reputation, yes, a terrible reputation, because when it gets angry from its mouth, toads and snakes come out, it is brutal, and you have to fear it, but this hardly happens. Those words that come out of his mouth hurt because they are loaded with rage and anger. It happens when she is somehow betrayed, cheated on, and lied to. She can't handle that, she can't, and she can go crazy. You might get 20 missed calls and 30 messages telling you clearly how stupid you are and how stupid you look.  Maybe later, he will block you directly, and you will not hear from his life again. Do not have confidence, do not try it because the play will be expensive. Gemini is one of the most generous women in the Zodiac, and it will be unpredictable, yes, and a lot, but it will ALWAYS be there when you need it. FOREVER. He has a lot of love to give. Ask him what he wants, ask him how he is or what he needs. Sometimes it's just about that. To know how to understand.