Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Geminis So Much?

    Ignorance consumes you, Gemini, and plunges you into absolute negativity. Ignorance can happen to you, which causes you to think that nobody listens to you. That nobody understands you. They promise you things that are not fulfilled, lie to your face, and do not recognize their mistakes. They are very sharp points that make you lose confidence and think things you should not, Geminis.

    You are a very impulsive person, and you act from the heart. You say what you feel without a filter and are not easily manipulated.

    You have a character to give and give a strong temperament that is very difficult to overcome and very little patience with people who think they are superior to you.  You lose your way when you have to defend your point of view, and you hate having to agree when you know they don't. At first, you can appear to be a complicated person, somewhat unstable and changeable as the weather. But you know perfectly well that it is a primary tag. That is your tiny hallmark. Everything is true, nothing is a lie, but there are many things to note.

    If you get defensive and lose a point of your good manners to someone, it is for a reason. It is also for something if you lose your temper and get carried away by helplessness and rage staging a drama out of nowhere.

    You always act for something. You make up problems out of nowhere. You Gemini, you snap your eyes open. People are not used to truths that go straight ahead. People don't know how to deal with sincerity that itches, that hurts.  Without any anesthesia, and for that reason, you can raise a little discomfort in your environment. But that is not an excuse to think nobody understands you and that Geminis only wants to hurt you. The world is not and would not be ready to live without you, and you know it. Deep inside you, you know it.