Why Gemini Can't Let Go?

    When you get to know Gemini in-depth, you realize that he has a heart with many more fears and insecurities than you could ever imagine. Gemini is the most pleasant person of all, the one who best relates, comes and goes the most, knows how to enjoy their independence, and loves to live experiences and moments in different places. All very idyllic, right? To the surprise of many, Geminis suffer a lot by letting go of something they love with all their might. They suffer a lot when they have to say goodbye to someone they would leave by their side for life. What is it that Gemini does not see despite their cunning? The falsehood of the people. Although Geminis are pure and brutal cunning in capturing toxic people on many occasions, they fail many times, even more so when that toxic person is someone they have a lot of affection for. Gemini sees the appreciation that they have for that person, and they do not see the reality behind the true face of that false person. They do not want to see it, and they do not want to let go because Geminis never abandon their friends. Even if they reach the point that they harm him, Gemini is faithful to death until the end. In the life of Gemini, there is not as much quantity as many people believe. In reality, there is much more room for QUALITY. The life of Gemini is not as socially perfect as many believe because Geminis know what it is to feel an immense emptiness when seeing many people and not feeling anything. If Geminis do not let go of something or someone that hurts them, it is because they do not feel lonely when they want to feel warmth, affection, and friendship. As easy as that, as simple as saying that Geminis want human warmth, although many may not believe it. And nothing more.