Why Gemini Don't Want a Serious Relationship

    Gemini, you don't want to start a serious relationship yet because love scares you, even if you don't realize it. When you start to meet a person and see love peeking through the door, you slam the door and close it right away. It's a bit difficult for you to assimilate. Relationships scare you, and you quickly put walls around your heart so that no one passes. You like being in love, but not as much as formalizing a relationship because that would involve many things you are not ready to assume now.

    Whether you like it or not, Gemini is a little scared of commitment.

    You are scared by those conditions and those chains that relationships put on you and that now you don't see yourself prepared to be able to carry them. You know very well that, in a relationship of two, there are many things that you have to endure and that they also have to endure you.  You are a very accessible person, and you don't feel like having to carry a weight on yourself. You prefer to live as you do now, doing what you want without having to depend on anyone or dragging anyone away. Also, you often run away from relationships because you are afraid that they will hurt you and hurt you again. Over the years and with experiences, you have learned very well what it is to suffer for love, and you are lazy to go through all that again. You also do not want to lock yourself in a relationship and not allow yourself to meet new people. You don't know if that person is really going to be the love of your life or if the love of your life is still out there. It overwhelms you to think that you may be missing many things, so you prefer to forget about relationships for now.