Why Gemini Feels He Cannot Continue

    Lately, you value the outside much more than the inside, Gemini, which may be why you are at a strange point in your life. If you feel that you are not advancing as you deserve, you have to put an immediate solution because the last thing you deserve right now is not enjoying what you have earned.
    Don't fantasize about what Gemini might have been and fight to make it happen. Do not promise yourself things you know you do not want to fulfill. If you promise yourself something, that it is something that you want and that does you justice, that above all.  Letting yourself go is good for you, but it can make you an evil Gemini if you do not know how to manage it in a very controlled way. When others take advantage, confuse you, and make you go off the path you previously had elaborated.

    You are personally growing very fast, Gemini.

    Life is not that it has made it easy for you, and you have had to mature by leaps and bounds. Yes, you have done much more for others than for your happiness, but you have not done it in exchange for what honors you. Geminis, now it is not time to see the future. Now it is not time to program anything or weave threads to see where to go from tomorrow. Now, you must savor your present, your day-to-day, minute by minute, letting yourself be carried away by your tastes, hunches, and what you love.  It is time to look for you, later for you, and then, for you, and look for the happiness of the little things you like and NOT those that others demand.