Why Gemini Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    Lately, Gemini, you've been going through a crisis where even you didn't understand yourself. You kept asking yourself existential questions that not even the wisest person would be able to answer. You noticed that everything you did stopped making sense because you weren't sure of your life's purpose. Nonsensical questions left you waiting for an answer. Gemini, you have to put a solution to all that has been happening to you.
    Yeah, you've been feeling weird lately. Something has ever happened in your life that has left you worse than you were. It has made you feel even more lost, and worst of all, you don't know what to do to calm down.

    Gemini, you were waiting with all your desire for something to happen to make you go back to being yourself. The worst of all is that it has happened, and you don't know how to deal with it.

    It has happened, but it has not been how you expected. You don't know if it did you well or if it did you bad. But don't worry, Gemini, because the new moon on October 9 gave you back all the energy you needed to be yourself again. The moon did not solve everything in your life, but it changed how you see your future. It gave you all that motivation you needed to get back to doing everything you wanted to do. It made you see that the important thing is to accept the present and not want to run before knowing how to walk. It brought you calm in what seemed like the end of the world. Things have not been solved, that is clear, but at least you have found the reason to believe in yourself again.