Why Gemini Is Too Soft Heart

    How do you damage your Gemini heart? Simple, giving more to people who should be out of your life. Trusting again and again in people who have already failed you but promised you that they would change Geminis, believing in others, leaving them the choice to continue, and NOT taking the reins of your own life. That is one of the many ways you have to harm your heart. Of all of them, this is the one that hurts the most.

    You are a person who places a lot of trust in others, and that takes a toll on your heart.

    But wait, do you have a Gemini heart? Are all those slanders about your inner emptiness lies? Look, Gemini, you shouldn't ask yourself this question because, if you have a heart, if it's good, and you know what? It is much greater than the evil of many people around you, and that is saying. Being someone so variable of character has given you your advantages, but it has given you an image that you do not deserve many times and that, for better and for worse, has made people not know how great and kind you are. Hence Geminis, many times, your mood changes out of nowhere. Hence, you have to defend yourself in destructive ways and remain the movie's villain. People have no idea what your heart has been through, what it has fought for, and what it has had to go through. That same thing only lets itself be seen when there is reciprocity. It shows itself and lets itself be loved when it feels that it is truly valued.