Why Gemini Lost Interest in You

    If Geminis lost interest in you, you couldn't keep up with them. Everyone knows that Gemini is a top-down person who loves meeting new people and is very intelligent. He is someone curious about everything that surrounds him and who has a thousand different interests. To have a relationship with Gemini, you have to live up to all this and, above all, never overwhelm him. Gemini needs to be free, being with you or being alone. You will never allow people to overwhelm you, control you or tell you what to do.  Gemini by their side needs a person as intelligent as them, who knows how to respect their space and who is not controlling. If you're not like that, don't expect Geminis to keep an interest in you.

    In addition to all this, you also have to know that Gemini is a challenging person to understand due to its dual personality.

    And if you don't even try to understand him in the slightest, he will immediately cease to be interested in you. Geminis want someone who has a personality but is also empathetic and knows how to put themselves in the shoes of others. You have to understand that the character of Gemini comes and goes, that maybe one day he wants to eat you with kisses, and the next day he doesn't even want to talk. It is challenging to understand these changes, but you have to try at least. If he feels that you are falling behind, that you are not keeping up with him, and that you are not up to the task, he will lose any interest he had in you. You have to know that Geminis turns the page very quickly. They are always willing to meet someone new and start a different adventure. With Geminis, you only have one chance. You decide if you take advantage of it or let it go.