Why Gemini Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    You are better off alone than in bad company because you don't believe in love right now. You are a person who does not believe in love as such. Love like the one that appears in romantic comedies. Maybe you believe in that love based on respect and trust, which is not perfect, but right now, you don't feel like falling in love that way.

    You feel better just because every relationship has not ended well precisely. Also, the people around you tell you to enjoy the moment, and even your body asks you to give your heart a break.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Heartbreak? You have hopes that love exists, but lately, you have lost the desire to fall in love. You have never seen a thrilling couple, which tells you that it is better to be alone now. Also, you have realized that it is not so bad to be alone. Maybe there are times when you miss having a person that you fully trust and with whom you can be yourself, but you have realized that you can find that in your friends or your family and do not necessarily need a partner to have that. Right now, you prefer the love of your people over the love of a couple, you don't know why, but there is something that tells you to leave falling in love for another time. You would also like to fall in love but without commitment. In your past relationships, you may have gone too fast, and it is your past that is telling you not to run now, to take the time you need to get to know that person, and that, if they do not transmit anything to you, it is better than you are alone. You're better off alone than in bad company because now you don't want headaches or suffer more than necessary again.