Why Is Gemini Unbeatable

    It is challenging to find someone like you, Gemini, who can occupy your void when you leave. It is tremendously impossible to overshadow in that sense. You are one of those who come to life and anyone and leave a mark. For better and for worse, you leave your essence in the lives of the people you have related throughout your life Gemini, and no one can surpass you in that. When you leave, they miss your laugh, wit, the positive way of facing life, your various crazy things, moments of disconnection where you show your most intimate self, impetus when it comes to doing something different, your desire to know the world, to travel without limits. It is a cocktail of traits that make you a unique and admired Gemini person, and hated, that too. It is very typical for them to ENVY you because who would not want to be a Gemini wonder?

    You are always capable of achieving anything because your enthusiasm has NO limits, making you more than impossible.

    They say that you are a versatile Gemini person, but they do not know that this trait makes you very strong. It makes you an almost unbeatable Gemini rival because you can reinvent yourself at any time, and no, you never settle.
    You always fight for the option of being able to choose and be who you want to be and NOT agree to be what everyone wants you to be and that makes you much bigger than you yourself could imagine.
    To improve yourself takes many lives, a miracle from heaven, and a VIP pass to the world of dreams come true. It is impossible here in the human world, and yes, it always will be.