Why Should Someone Forgive Gemini ?

    We all make mistakes, but not all of us can recognize them. Sometimes our mistakes hurt others, and we don't know how to make amends. Gemini, you are a person who comes and goes like the tides and who moves simply for your interest. You don't need anyone to live, Gemini. You always come and go where you want, when you want, and with whom you want, and you do not attend to the needs of others. Thanks to this lifestyle, you are a very independent person. You know that an essential thing in your life is freedom, and you make an effort to maintain it. Still, all this can bring you more problems than you think, especially when recognizing your mistakes and apologizing.

    Making amends takes a lot of patience and time thinking about your mistakes and the other person's. Gemini, you have to forgive to be at peace with yourself.

    You have to start putting yourself more in other people's shoes. Keep being the person you are, keep being free and doing what you want to do, but think more about your actions' consequences on others. The consequences that your actions have on the feelings of the other person. You must make amends and ask for forgiveness, Gemini because it will help you learn to feel what others feel and be more interested in the interests of others and not just yours.