aquarius horoscope

    Yearly Aquarius Horoscope for 2021



      Spirit: Glimpse, Life, Inspiration, Initiate. Color: Spring Bud. Places to visit: Netherlands, Egypt, Greenland. Things to learn: Kite Surfing, Cooking, Gardening.  

    The General Feel

      Uranus briefly joined Taurus before returning to Aries, reminding you of the energies you'll need to build and manifest your ideas and dreams in the months ahead. Detachment from reality will no longer work, and you'll have to face the music and become mindful of the things you do to meet your needs in life. With the arrival of spring, all matters of personal gratification and remorse come into sharper focus, and you're about to realize that you need more time with yourself, moments to relax, transform to pure hedonism, and be a little lazy to rest your energy finally.   While it will not be easy to relax, focusing on the pleasures of life and moving a little slower will allow you to manifest your greatest desires by taking small steps forward. The most consistent change will be made in April and October when chances to put your plans into motion and share them with the rest of the world will present themselves. The last few months of 2021 will bring significant changes that will force you to step outside of your comfort zone and into the real world. Maintain a solid body that is capable of transmitting signals from above.  

    The Greatest Challenges

      Depending on the structure and foundation you're used to, youჴ€?ll be facing challenges in August and September. It will be a difficult time for you as you must dig in, remain stable, and repair anything that has been broken so that you can progress toward your target step by step. It could jeopardize your future, finances, and all other material endeavors that should make you feel safe and secure. It would be best to determine whether your abilities are genuinely used and whether those around you are accepting your true personality. Grand plans that lack a clear role in the system can produce poor or shallow results. Consider the big picture, break the rules only if you have ample backing, and avoid putting your head through a wall.  

    The Greatest Rewards

      Friendships and social connections will be more satisfying than ever before, and clinging to long-held values and skills will eventually pay off. It is the time to focus on the little stuff, have flowing, gentle talks, and create the support network you've always needed to keep your thoughts from spinning around in your head for years. Realistic and firm attitudes, as well as bold steps forward when you already see yourself triumphant, will take you a long way. Get out of your comfort zone, but not until you've built up ample emotional support and tenderness.  

    Physiology and Body

      The overall environment of 2021 can be a little perplexing, as your energy levels drop and you feel compelled to achieve peace at all costs. If you don't let the emotional flow take over, your immunity will deteriorate, your knees and knuckles will become weak, and your lungs and stomach will fill with rage. Take your time, breathe deeply, and don't force yourself past your physical limits unless necessary. July can bring you psychosomatic, ambiguous, or psychological issues. At this time, talk to the right people, look into alternative healing approaches, and make sure you depend on those with enough education and expertise to structure their ability to help.  

    Love and Family

      You could get carried away in new relationships you don't fully understand and burst into flames of passion and emotion when you least expect it because you're thinking about the person you want to become. Allow yourself to fully experience these times, mindful of all the things you deserve in life and all the feelings that can be exchanged if you avoid fighting the light in others. It would help if you discovered your core to be accepted and appreciated for your genuine goals and abilities. In July and November, family problems will be highlighted, and these are extraordinary times for reconnecting and resolving conflicts on a profoundly personal level. Don't let the shortcomings of others determine your own.   This year, the sun, your planet of love, will experience three eclipses. If you're in a relationship, issues you've let slide will resurface, refusing to be ignored. Do not get fastened upon the panic of conflicts that have not occurred yet. This vacuum indicates you should bother about giving time and consideration to your companion, no-frills required. If you're single, the eclipses may reveal how much time you devote to other aspects of your life and what you should prioritize.  

    Work and Finances

      While this can be a financially rewarding year with specific measures in the desired direction, risky investments should be avoided in February, July, and December. Maintain the stability of the ground under your feet so that you can operate from a firm base. For the most part, your mind can be free. Still, you must concentrate and pick out only the most critical issues that can be applied in the systems you belong to without having irrational expectations that plans can be modified instantly. It is best not to press through problems with authority figures or start any new business ventures during August. Challenges for ego fights on too many planes will suffocate your waters and make you less optimistic than you need to be to move forward at a reasonable rate.   You're used to juggling transition with growth. After all, your career sector is ruled by Pluto, the planet of renewal and rebirth. He spends half of every year in retrograde, and his retrograde in 2021 will begin on April 24 and end on October 3. Pluto will be in your spiritual growth house the entire time. You might be drawn to jobs or careers that provide you with a greater sense of purpose. This year, Neptune, your financial planet, will be in Pisces, probably encouraging you to make more emotional transactions than usual. During the days when Jupiter squares Neptune, keep an eye on your wallet. You'll save yourself from pinching pennies if you practice discipline.