8th House in Astrology: Transcending Personal Limits

    The 8th House represents the most intimate relationships and the emotional transformations resulting from relationships with others. It is where personal crises occur and where the most profound personality changes occur.

    House 8 is known as the "House of Regeneration." The challenge that brings personality to the need for evolution. Transcending personal limits through internal reflection and change. This House is ruled by Scorpio and Mars (in traditional Astrology) and by Pluto (in modern Astrology). The 8th House represents the most intimate relationships and the emotional transformations that result from this interaction. The House is where personal crises occur and where the most profound personality changes occur. Good-looking people in this House tend to try harder and harder to improve. On the other hand, people with tense planets in the 8th House resist the process of personal transformation. They can start the process, but they usually give up before completing it.

    Eighth House

    • Sphere - Metamorphosis, transformation, transcendence
    • Planet - Mars (Traditional Astrology) and Pluto (Modern Astrology)
    • Sign - Scorpio
    • Element - Water
    • Quality - Fixed
    • Polarity - Female
    • Position - Successor
    • Physiology - Reproductive Organs
    • Places - Businesses, funeral homes, cemeteries, ancestral property, midwifery services
    • Color - Black
    • Key Words - interaction, birth-death-resurrection, integration, sexual union, regeneration, extended consciousness, loss, emotional charge, childhood memories, inheritance, other people's money, sharing, metaphysics

    House 8 and Material Goods

    House 8 covers several areas. It is a House opposite House 2, the "property and personal values," and, for this reason, it is also called "the House of the property of others." The signs and planets positioned in the 8th House suggest how we behave financially in marriage, at work, and in the face of inheritances and wills. Jupiter in this House, for example, indicates an economically prosperous marriage, the possibility of receiving an inheritance, or good financial results in a commercial partnership. However, poorly positioned Saturn may suggest a financially poor marriage or has excellent financial difficulties, debt, or financially disastrous business partnerships. The 8th House manages the money and assets of others through banks, stockbrokers, financial analysts, and accountants. However, this House represents more than the money of others. It also describes how we are willing to share our wealth and how we relate to others. Expanding on what we began in the 7th House, the Eighth House is the essence of relationships: what happens when two people - each with their temperament, their material resources, their value system, their needs, and their biological clock - begin to be related. Two worlds meetჴ€”each one with its peculiarities and way of being. Several questions and possible conflicts arise: how will we use the money we have? Do we consume, invest or save? When are we going to have intimate relationships? For me, once a week is enough, but my partner comes to me every day. In my opinion, sometimes physical punishment is necessary to discipline children, but the other is absolutely against this. I don't like his friends, and I prefer to go out and meet my own. If there is no desire to make things work, marriage quickly becomes a battlefield each day. Who will win, and who will yield?

    House 8 - Death and Transformation

    The 8th House is naturally associated with the planet Pluto and the Scorpio sign, being also called the "house of sex, regeneration, and death." According to mythology, the virgin Persephone is kidnapped by Pluto (or Hades in Greek mythology), the god of the underworld and the dead, who takes her to the underworld. When she returns to the upper world, she is a woman and not the innocent teenager of yesteryear. This myth reminds us that a deep relationship with a person can change us. Our ego and our personality are transformed when we immerse ourselves in the world of the other. We adapt to live together. We can even stop being the same person. We die as an isolated "I" and are reborn as a "we."

    8th House and Sexual Energy

    Our sexual nature is represented in the 8th House. In intimacy, we become fragile, exposing the part of ourselves that we usually hide from others. We lose the mask. Sexual union can be physical, which makes us feel good, or the most profound and honest connection with another person (for example, tantric sex and Eastern esoteric doctrine that worships worldly pleasures as a means to achieve spiritual realization).

    Relationships as Agents of Change

    When we interact with others, we give something of ourselves and receive anything else. But the way we relate to each other also reflects the nature of past experiences. The relationship between parents and children, childhood memories, the environment, and family relationships, in general, leave traces in life and condition the various roles (as children, parents, partners). We are all born fragile and dependent. We are not self-sufficient, nor do we begin to explore the world on our own within hours of birth. We need someone's love and protection: food and care. For the vast majority of us, these feelings are contained in the mother figure. The loss of the mother's love doesn't just mean the loss of someone close to us; it can mean abandonment and death. This fear of losing the love of someone significant can then be projected into relationships of great emotional dependence or violent crises of jealousyჴ€”the fear of being abandoned, not being loved, or being left alone. However, if this dependency exists when we are babies, it is not valid in adulthood. We are in a position to guarantee our survival. Knowing these truths exposes the source of our emotions and the emotional charge we bring to relationships, especially marriage, and helps us understand why certain attitudes and behaviors. Feelings of anger and violence can also reflect childhood experiences. Understanding why we feel this way, going back to past experiences when we depended on another person to meet our most basic needs and combat frustration, can give us some answers. Only when we recognize the worst of ourselves and negative emotions (envy, intolerance, greed, revenge, cruelty, jealousy, anger), which generally manifest themselves in the relationship with the other, is it possible to deconstruct our "I," evolve and be reborn. It is not possible to improve something if we are not aware of it. In this way, we evolve as people, become better, and align ourselves with the image we would like to have of ourselves. The 8th House forces this reflection. The dark side needs to be exposed so that it can be seen. "There is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see." This does not mean that to combat the negative energies in us, and we have to exploit and reach everything and everyone. Only this awareness allows us to prevent destructive behaviors for ourselves and others. The 8th House is a complex area, dealing with the personality's most basic and hidden emotions. So hidden that sometimes we can't even recognize them ourselves. Through the study of the birth chart, we can abandon unnecessary baggage. That brings nothing and only charges the spirit. This House reminds us that sometimes it is necessary to destroy to make room for something better.

    House 8 and Ecological Consciousness

    The 8th House also refers to how we view the planet and natural resources if we look at them from a selfish perspective and exploit them solely for our benefit or if we share and protect them for the good of all.

    House 8 and the Astral Plane

    The 8th House also reveals how we perceive the hidden and mysterious world. We can be more or less sensitive. Believe it or not, in the mystical side of our human existence. Death itself can be seen as the end of everything or a gateway to a higher plane. However, the loss is not just physical death. Throughout life, we face various moments and types of losses. The 8th House talks about this topic. If a particular relationship that conditioned our identity ends, a part of us is lost with it. So there is a need to be reborn. To create a new identity. On the other hand, if our career suffers a setback and we are forced to do something we do not identify with, we will experience this feeling of loss, that something has ended and we cannot get it back. Once again, we have to reinvent ourselves and build something new from a previous reality that has since died out. Life itself is made up of stages, each with different challenges. From babies, we become children. From children to adolescents. From teenagers to adults. Each of these phases of development corresponds to various obligations and expectations. These are learning stages that converge on who "we are." While "we are," we do not stop evolving, reflecting, or changing. Much of this transformation results from our interaction with the outside world and what we bring to ourselves due to interacting with others. What we do with this experience is an individual decision. The signs and planets present in the 8th House indicate how these transition phases are presented. A person with a strong 8th House tends to live as if his life were a book with several chapters or like a play, with various scenery changes. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, we can do it again, to renew our "SELF." The form can be destroyed, but the essence of who we are remains active and is reborn in any other form (see " The Karma of each Sign ").

    The 12 Houses in Astrology

    • House 1 - Individual Identity (the "I")
    • House 2 - Money, Earnings, and Possessions
    • House 3 - Mind, Environment, and Brothers
    • House 4 - Home
    • House 5 - Creative Self-Expression, Hobbies, and Fun
    • House 6 - Work, Health, and Small Animals
    • House 7 - Couple and Marriage
    • House 8 - Sex, Death, and Birth
    • House 9 - Philosophy and Adventure
    • House 10 - Career and Social Statutes
    • House 11 - Friends and Community
    • House 12 - Spirituality and Subconscious