11th House in Astrology: Groups, Friends and Social Consciousness

    In House 11, the soul goes beyond its egocentricity to become even more significant than it already is. It acquires a social conscience of the whole in which it is inserted.

    Not being aware of yourself, for fear of being forgotten until you are recognized as someone: this was the path taken by the "I" from the First to the Tenth House. Upon reaching the 11th House, the ego is fully defined and properly-recognized (by itself and by others). The necessary conditions allow the "I" to enter a deeper plane. In this House, we go beyond our self-centeredness to become even more incredible than we already are. That is why it is called the "House of Hope," the "House of Goals," the "House of Desires," or the "House of Objectives."

    Eleventh House

    • Sphere - Community
    • Planet - Saturn and Uranus
    • Sign - Aquarius
    • Element - Air
    • Quality - Fixed
    • Polarity - Male
    • Position - Successor
    • Physiology - Legs and Ankles
    • Places - Social gatherings, workplace
    • Color - Intense yellow
    • Key Words - group activities, society, friends, hopes, desires, aspirations, social conscience.
    Associated with the sign Aquarius and corrected by Saturn and Uranus, the 11th House represents the ego's attempt to decentralize to become more prominent. This social awareness is only possible now. After its journey from the First House, the "I" is recognized and endorsed. You are ready to embark on a new stage of your development as an entity that lives in society.

    11th House - from Individual to Collective Consciousness

    First, the "I" realizes who it is. Then he organizes his life with and around the people closest to him: family, friends, co-workers. Create your value systems, beliefs, and ideologies by which you govern your life. It becomes part of the system, of the collective, of society. By living in society, we influence and are influenced by it. All individual actions have an impact on the collective. It is a living system where everything is related to everyone. Gaining this community awareness allows the ego also to consider the needs of others and act with the common good in mind. Therefore, it represents an evolution of consciousness and a way of clarifying its place in the world.

    The Influence of the Ruling Planets in the 11th House

    The 11th House shows how we integrate and function as part of a system. Ruled by two planets, this House expresses itself in two ways, which reflect the intrinsic characteristics of each of the ruling planets.


    Saturn seeks security, a feeling that can be achieved or reinforced by the fact that we are integrated into a group (social, political, religious, etc.) with which we identify: it is the so-called "sense of belonging." This need can be observed in those who focus on having the right group of friends, being seen in the right places, and aligning their opinions according to the groups in which they are inserted. The negative aspect of Saturn manifests itself in intolerance of difference, the rejection of opposing opinions, and racial prejudice.


    Uranus seeks identity in a more profound and philosophical sense. Represents people who defend the unity of the individual in harmony with everything external to him. Fight against injustice, fight for the oppressed and defend the great causes that seek to change the world. The Uranus personality has a strong social conscience but does not necessarily seek social acceptance. It is always ahead of humanity and, as such, is in danger of being misunderstood.

    11th House and the Development of Social Awareness

    The 11th House is where the person is reflected by the action of others and takes their place in society. This House aims at cooperation as a means to achieve a greater good. The development of social consciousness is seen not only as a goal to magnify the ego but, above all, as the ability to leave ourselves, our private and individualistic sphere, to be part of something bigger, with more meaning. From this concept, something bigger emerges than the identification with our reference groups. The 11th House speaks of humanity, of the path we have taken as a species. This House uses the robust and energetic trend to move towards the more significant association, communication, cooperation, and knowledge: it is the basic principle through which the Eleventh House operates. Having recognized ourselves as separate and distinct personalities, there is now an appeal to connect with all we previously differed. Interdependence, unity, and collaboration make achieving achievements that would not be possible individually. Similarly, this extended collaboration broadens knowledge and horizons. Open up new opportunities. It allows the exchange of ideas and knowledge, with a view to an overall result well above the sum of the parts. Proof of this is the speed with which everything is spreading todayჴ€”positive and negative things. The interdependence is evident. It is practically impossible that actions taken in a distant country do not affect us. This is repeated in communication, health, the dissemination of ideas and opinions, economic concentration, social inequalities, stock market fluctuations, world disasters, or environmental problems. It is the wake-up call from the 11th House. We live in a bubble where everything has an impact on everyone. It is no longer possible to live outside the collective, isolated and closed to the world.

    The Contribution of the "I" to the Evolution of the Collective Process

    The planets, signs, and aspects positioned in the 11th House present how we could participate and contribute to the evolution of the collective process. To distinguish ourselves from others, increase our sense of worth, and enhance individual qualities. In the 5th House, our energy is applied to brightness. In House 11, our energy can be channeled towards searching for the causes we are involved in. While in House 5, we act as we please to achieve our goals, in House 11, we can choose to abandon or reconcile our ideologies, time, or services in favor of the group's needs. Uranus, one of the ruling planets in this House, also translates into the need to be different or subversive. The attraction that some feel to take the defense of certain disadvantaged social groups to the last consequence may be the influence of the presence of this planet.

    The 11th House and the Way We Act as a Group.

    In addition to just describing the type of groups with which we are in tune with our interests, the signs, and planets present in the 11th House also symbolize the way we behave and act in a group situation.
    • Sun or Leo - can indicate the need to stand out for leadership, leading to a tremendous personal involvement with the cause.
    • Mercury or Gemini - can indicate an involved, enlightened person and a possible spokesperson or general secretary of the group.
    • Moon or Cancer - can indicate a person who is happy to serve others, prepare the place, open the doors and provide what is necessary for people to come together or for services to develop.
    But House 11 also gives clues about how we integrate into groups.
    • Venus or Libra - naturally sociable, creates friendly relationships with ease.
    • Saturn or Capricorn - has a shy personality and may feel out of place or intimidated within a group.

    The 11th House and Friendship Relations

    Our group of friends is one of the most outstanding achievements we can achieve throughout our lives. It is with them that we share our joys and sorrows. With whom we best identify and share our experiences. The planets and signs in the 11th House describe the type of friends that attract us. The qualities that make us feel more sympathetic to some people than others. The friends we make can also be a projection of qualities that we would like to have but do not see in ourselves. If, for example, we are hasty in making decisions, as is the case with Aries, we can seek the advice of a Libra friend to help us control the instinct to do it soon, without thinking about the consequences. House 11 also suggests how we make friends. Mars can almost compulsively make friends, while Saturn is more shy and cautious. This House also shows how we relate to others and what kind of energy load we awaken in friendships. Venus has an easy relationship but is in no rush to make friends. Pluto attracts complex situations and complicated plots that can end friendships. In the 11th House, we want to transcend our ego. We feel called to create more meaningful and lasting relationships. Please get involved in more significant causes that can make sense of our daily actions. This House is also the domain of hopes and desires. It is what we design and seek for the good of society. For those who have developed social conscience, dreams turn towards the good of society and not only towards the "I." For this reason, this House was called the "House of Hope," "House of Objectives," "House of Desires," or "House of Goals." At the same time that we want to belong to something bigger than ourselves, we try to grow as "ME," with the wealth provided through the contract with others (emotional, intellectual, metaphysical). The planets, signs, and aspects present in the 11th House create awareness of the ideas and thoughts that circulate to us. In this House, we discover what unites us to our family and friends but also society and all Humanity.

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