1st House in Astrology: Self-discovery of the "I"

    House 1 shows how we present ourselves to the world. Being dominated by the Ascendant sign shows how we organize our life experiences and shape our astrological personality.

    Strongly linked to "I," House 1 shows how we present ourselves to the world. It is also related to childhood, the development of personal identity, and everything that has to do with new beginnings. The Ascendant sign tends to dominate this House, although there is also a natural connection with Aries and the planet Mars. Any planet that transmits through this House is likely to activate a new direction in the person's life.

    First House

    • Sphere - Individuality
    • Planet - Mars
    • Sign - Aries
    • Element - Fire
    • Quality - Cardinal
    • Polarity - Male
    • Position - Angular
    • Physiology - Head, face
    • Places - Birthplace, home
    • Color - White
    • Keywords - The "I," incarnation, self-image, individuality, characteristics, and physical appearance

    The Ascendant and the 1st House

    The moment we are born, we are violently faced with an unknown reality. Our existence until then was limited to comfort, stimulated by gentle uterine movements. Immersed in a warm, dark, and humid environment, we are designed for a bleak, cold, and bright world. At this primordial moment, our journey through the Houses begins. This is our first experience. From this moment on, the umbilical connection with the mother ends abruptly. We assume a unique identity. We are distinct individuals, separate entities. House 1 is naturally associated with the Cardinal sign and Aries of Fire and with the planet Mars. By marking the cusp of the 1st House, the Ascendant shows the exact degree of the sign of the Zodiac that was emerging on the eastern horizon (or east, rising, rising sun side) at the time of birth. The Ascendant, and the planets that are close to it, appear when we are born, and their qualities are reflected in who we are and what we know about life. It is the beginning of our journey through the Zodiac. The Ascendant is the lens through which we interpret the world and form the core of our personality. In this way, the Ascendant formed when we are born gives us a vision about ourselves and what surrounds us that leads us to act, behave and relate according to that same vision. We organize our life experiences and shape our astrological personalities from this vision. If our outlook is optimistic, we tend to view life and others positively. If, on the contrary, we choose a pessimistic interpretation, everything seems more difficult to achieve. It is the difference between "glass half full and half-empty glass." For example, if Capricorn is the Ascendant sign, we will see the world through a smaller lens of fear, doubt, and hesitation. The same opportunities for expansion that encourage the Sagittarius Ascendant to action can cause the Capricorn Ascendant to be in a state of fear and apprehension. The Sagittarius Ascendant reacts enthusiastically to challenges, while the Capricorn Ascendant sinks into doubt and insecurity. Whoever has the sign Aries as an Ascendant will see the world as a place where decision and action are prerequisites and will begin to act vigorously. Gemini as Ascendant creates a worldview where knowledge and understanding are the answer and then strives to understand life. Thus, the characteristics traditionally associated with each sign are transposed into our Ascendant sign and shape how we see ourselves and the world and relate to it. In the same way, the planets that rule the Ascendant sign contribute to the way we position ourselves and face life. The urgency of action drives a sign ruled by Mars. A sign Ruled by Pluto faces everything as a life and death struggle. House 1 governs the beginnings. When we begin a new phase of our life, when we face a change, the qualities of the First House are invoked. Therefore, the Ascendant suggests the path and how we will face each fact of life. The Ascendants of Capricorn or Saturn, for example, hesitate and delay as much as possible a new beginning, change or transition to a new phase. On the other hand, a Cancer Ascendant knows that he needs to make a change and initiates it but can backtrack midway through because it is safer to stick with what he knows. The Ascendant in Taurus reflects very well before making a decision, but once the decision has been made and the change has started, they proceed in a certain way, without looking back. The Ascendant in Leo waits for the right moment to make his dramatic entrance, showing off proudly.

    1st House, Rising Sign, and Sun Sign

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Sun? If the Rising sign is the way we enter life, the Sun sign manages how our personality develops and grows for life. The Sun represents why we are here; the Ascendant is how we get there. The signs and planets in House 1 indicate "where" we must act to carry out our mission and establish our identity. The tasks we must perform to reveal our true identity. Developing these qualities will allow us to reach our full potential as a person. Only then will we be complete. Together with the third, fourth, and tenth Houses, the first House reveals part of the environment that we experience in childhood, at the beginning of life. Similarly, the First House can also describe our birth has had on others. With Uranus or Aquarius in the 1st House, it may turn out that our birth meant a change. With Pluto or Scorpio, our birth could coincide with an excellent reorientation crisis for those around us. Since the Rising sign influences us greatly, the qualities of this sign can also be reflected in our physical appearance and body expressions. However, the planet that rules the Ascendant sign for some astrologers may have a more significant impact here. Through the development of the qualities transmitted by the Ascendant sign and the planets of House 1, we begin our astrological journey. The characteristics that we receive in the First House follow all the Houses and make us more aware of who we are and our role in the larger group we are apart from.

    The 12 Houses in Astrology

    • House 1 - Individual Identity (the "I")
    • House 2 - Money, Earnings, and Possessions
    • House 3 - Mind, Environment, and Brothers
    • House 4 - Home
    • House 5 - Creative Self-Expression, Hobbies, and Fun
    • House 6 - Work, Health, and Small Animals
    • House 7 - Couple and Marriage
    • House 8 - Sex, Death, and Birth
    • House 9 - Philosophy and Adventure
    • House 10 - Career and Social Statutes
    • House 11 - Friends and Community
    • House 12 - Spirituality and Subconscious