9th House in Astrology: Mission of Life, Travel and Future

    In House 9, the personality is mature and has a long life experience. The "I" is ready to reflect and begin to conclude the purpose of your earthly passage.

    After passing through the 8th House, the House where we evolve from relationships with the world and with others, the 9th House offers us a renewed perspective on life. With difficulties, we grow, learn and reinvent ourselves. We are renewed, and we get a broader view of who we are and how we interact with others. Traditionally associated with the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius, the 9th House faces a mature personality with a long life experience. For this reason, the "I" is prepared to reflect and begin to conclude the purpose of its passage on Earth.

    Ninth House

    • Sphere - Philosophy
    • Planet - Jupiter
    • Sign - Sagittarius
    • Element - Fire
    • Quality - Mutable
    • Polarity - Male
    • Position - Cadent
    • Physiology - Ancas e coxas
    • Places - Universities, publishers, newspapers, foreigners
    • Color - Green, White
    • Keywords - philosophy, ethics, value system, religious beliefs, religions, distant horizons, relatives, life mission, long journeys, future, foreign affairs.

    House 9 and the Notion of the "Higher Mind"

    The 9th House indicates our life mission and what we came to this world to do. It is linked to religious, philosophical, mystical, and esoteric matters. Higher-level academic studies, such as master's and doctoral degrees, also appear in this House. The "I" now seeks to answer the great questions of existence. After a specific moment, human beings try to know the meaning of things. They need to guide their role models and understand the ideals they are governed by. When we don't find the meaning of things, everything seems trivial and meaningless. We need objectives, set goals, and know where we are going and why to move forward. Without goals, there is no hope. Regardless of whether we believe that we must create our meaning of life or if it is in the hands of a deity or on a higher plane, the challenge of the 9th House lies in the search for lines of conduct, goals, and purpose in life. The 9th House represents all known as the "higher mind." In front of House 3, the House of the concrete mind is now the turn of abstract thought and the intuitive process. Meditation, introspection, and deep thinking are part of this process. While Mercury (natural ruler of Houses 3 and House 6 ) is an accumulator of facts, Jupiter, natural ruler of House 9, expresses our ability to create mental symbols and the tendency we have to assign meaning or sense to all the things that happen. The facts collected in House 3 are now subject to analysis, and conclusions are drawn. Everything is organized, systematized, and categorized. We outline models and standards and try to understand the message they are trying to convey to us.

    House 9 and the Relationship with the Divine

    This House is also known as the "House of Philosophy" or the "House of God." The positions of the planets, signs, and aspects in the 9th House suggest the nature of our relationship with the divine and our philosophy of life. The presence of Mercury or Venus suggests an intellectual understanding of God, while Neptune and Pisces suggest a devoted acceptance of the divine. Venus has a tolerant approach to this problem, and Mars has a dogmatic and fanatical position. The formed image of God is also displayed in this House. Saturn and Capricorn conceive an austere, punitive, critical, and paternalistic God to whom blind obedience is owed. Neptune and Pisces, for their part, see God as a compassionate, loving, and kind figure.

    House 9 and the Long Journeys

    The 9th House takes us back so that we can see the events from a distance. This setback allows us to gain a new perspective. Therefore, this House is linked to long journeys. These trips are not only physical but also spiritual. The long roads that the "I" travels while looking for a meaning for its existence. It is reflected in the desire to learn, broaden horizons, deepen and solidify knowledge. In the action of meditating and questioning to go deeper and deeper into the issues. The call to investigate, to understand why things are happening. Constant questioning of the laws of life and worldly things. In physical terms, traveling allows us to get to know other cultures. See the same things but from different perspectives. Teach us tolerance, to recognize the truth in the truth of others, even if it is not our own. Life has immense possibilities. An event can be interpreted from different perspectives, which are equally valid. This confrontation of cultures, ideas, and values allows us to constantly question and, from there, develop concepts and ideas and find innovative solutions. Seeing from afar, from a distance, helps us form the big picture. Considering all perspectives and looking at problems differently.

    House 9 and Relationships

    This House indicates the nature of relationships with the couple's relatives (in-laws). While House 3 describes our relatives, House 9 refers to the relatives of those closest to us. Is it a cordial relationship or not? The position of the planets, signs, and aspects in this House can give some clues.

    House 9 and Wisdom and Knowledge

    Mental journeys, or the search for knowledge, are another sphere of influence of House 9. Areas of interest and degrees of study are suggested in this House. Neptune in this House can be a sign of indecision regarding the choice of the study area, or it can indicate a possible setback during higher studies. The presence of Uranus may indicate a position of protest against the higher education system, a tremendous capacity for academic studies, or the development of a revolutionary field of study. In the 9th House, our sense of the collective is awakened through wisdom and broad knowledge. Higher education and the dissemination of information for all are other concerns of this House.

    The vision of the future

    The positioning of solid planets in this House gives the native a high degree of intuition and foresight. The 9th House manages the trends and currents of the moment while projecting them into the future. This is the House of visionaries of the professions that live with their sights set on the future. Depending on the planets, signs, and aspects present in this House, we can see the future as something wonderful and full of promises of fulfillment or, on the contrary, a place full of uncertainty, which generates fear and paralyzes us.

    The 12 Houses in Astrology

    • House 1 - Individual Identity (the "I")
    • House 2 - Money, Earnings, and Possessions
    • House 3 - Mind, Environment, and Brothers
    • House 4 - Home
    • House 5 - Creative Self-Expression, Hobbies, and Fun
    • House 6 - Work, Health, and Small Animals
    • House 7 - Couple and Marriage
    • House 8 - Sex, Death, and Birth
    • House 9 - Philosophy and Adventure
    • House 10 - Career and Social Statutes
    • House 11 - Friends and Community
    • House 12 - Spirituality and Subconscious