How Are the Leo Soulmates for Their Loved Ones

    Leo's soulmate is that person who makes him feel like a star, but at all times, that person who brings out his best side and lets him shine as he deserves. What's more, that person who enhances its shine. Leo "falls in love" quickly, but deep down, if you ask him, it is rare that he tells you that this person is his soul mate. It is infrequent that Leo finds someone so extraordinary to have that security. He doesn't ask for much. Leo hardly asks for anything. Only that he be appreciated, allowed to be, loved, and cared for. "Let him be ..." Repeat this in your head because perhaps it is the most important thing. Perhaps it is what almost no one fulfills and for which Leo ends up escaping in the end.

    Leo is an optimist, a natural leader who always ends up forgiving everything if the intentions were not bad or if they apologize, someone with a special light that also enlivens that of others.

    Many people, unfortunately, instead of getting close to Leo and taking advantage of all that charm, are so insecure about their lives that they want to turn off the lives of others. They have so much jealousy inside that they can't stand that others can shine. That envy that Leo generates in the rest is what he does not want for his life. So, Leo's soulmate is someone pure, not envious, fully trusts that lion or lioness he loves madly, and truly appreciates EVERYTHING he does for others. In addition, Leo grows when his partner grows, he is proud when he succeeds, and of course, he is not jealous about it. It is what you want from the otherჴ€”a PURE person.