How Do Leo Deal With Breakups?

    Leo: from July 23 to August 22.


    Leo, no matter how King or Queen of the Zodiac you are, you are a very, very in love person, and you have fully immersed yourself in every one of your relationships. When you've been through a breakup, you feel like your whole life will shit, Leo, and sometimes you also think that one nail drives out another. Your search in the arms of others for something that you know deep down that you will not find. You think that if you can distract yourself with something, in the end, you will forget what is essential. It's weird like you want to make that person jealous or say, "look, here I am, and I'm over it." At the same time, you want him to see it, and that is why you send messages on social networks so that he understands how idiotic you have been choosing a person like them or how deceived you were.


    Give yourself a few days to process all the Leo emotions. You are so impulsive and want everything, so it is challenging for you to assume and understand the mistakes you have been able to make being with someone like that. You have a big heart, but pretending that things don't hurt and don't hurt won't help you. When you have processed all that pain and anger, meet your friends, go out a little more, unburden yourself a lot, Leo and yes, use that experience to heal a little more.  Leo, if there is love breaks insight, please, do not get out of step, let a little time pass, let everything fall into place, and do not force situations. Because yes, Leo, you are very to force situations. You can walk forward once you let your mind "rest" and stop thinking about the fucking past instead of your future (yes, YOUR FUTURE).