How to Conquer a Leo

    One can conquer a Leos heart with the following characteristics-

    With a lot of sense of humor and substantial positivism in the body.

    You don't like negative people who don't see the bright side of things. You do not like people transmitting negativity and darkness, who do not advance and stagnate in the past. You don't like toxic people who don't want to be happy and don't allow them to be happy either. However, positive people with a lot of vibes are the ones that attract you the most. Although they are disasters, you like them only because of their energy.

    People who try to pretend something they are not, NO, and you know it very well, Leo.

    You like people who show off what they have and not people who show off what they don't have but say they have it to be someone. In other words? you hate liars, period.

    Taking you out of the monotony and giving yourself is the extra adventure the body asks of you.

    Someone who likes to experiment and travel. He likes to try new things that are different and never be left with the desire. To conquer you, Leo requires a lot of curiosity and an excellent adventurous spirit. Your heart is seduced when it sees commitment by the other party when it seems that there are physical demonstrations and not just words and promises. He lets himself be loved when he meets someone who is not afraid of the passage of time and who, on the contrary, makes that time pure gold. He will let himself be loved when he finds someone who makes time go by slowly, even though it goes very fast deep down.

    You like people who tell the truth to your face. You like people who do not mince words, even if it hurts Leo, who say what they think from the front and not behind the back.

    You do not like hypocrites, and even if those hypocrites have the sensuality of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, you would never waste time with them. You like honest, sincere people who honor your loyalty.

    Faithfulness, honesty, and tact.

    This trio is essential for your ego-shaped shell to step aside and give way to your heart. In other words, Leo? Without honesty, no. Without fidelity, you will not go anywhere with that person, even if that person is a multimillionaire and has a dream life. For you, it is imperative to know that there are no Leo lies.

    Taking the family on the pedestal. So clear.

    What Does It Mean To Dream About Family? Look, Leo, you love that your partner takes care of you and puts you first, but you love the people who care for their family to the death. You love them because these people make you see that there is a lot of goodness in their hearts. You are conquered by people who are willing to do anything to protect your family.

    Your heart is conquered with flattery, with beautiful words (although you know that words later blow with the wind), and with signs of Leo's admiration.

    You love being the center of attention, and you love being looked at, being left open-mouthed by your personality, and if that is brought together by the person who tries to conquer you, better than Leo. Be careful. Not much, not little. That does not mean that you want to be with someone throwing flowers where you step every two by three. You want it but in a fair measure.