How to Know if Leo Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    When you fall in love, Leo, your vision of the world and life change ultimately, look, sometimes you are a bit stubborn, and it takes a lot for you to change your mind. In these cases, completely change your way of seeing life. You know that you are falling in love because you start to see that person as someone special.

    You, Leo, are a person with a huge heart who likes to treat everyone as they deserve, you are pretty affectionate, and you like to give love to anyone, be it friends, family, or special people in your life.

    But you notice that you are falling in love because you begin to feel something that you do not feel with others. Like that person transmits something to you that someone has never transmitted to you. However, this does not stop here. You know that you are falling in love with something else. You know it because you notice that you are putting your needs and desires before those of that person. When you fall in love, the only thing you think of is to make that person happy, and for a moment, you forget yourself / a. Also, it does not bother you is you do because it comes from you, and you do not feel forced to do so. What you feel in your stomach are not butterflies. It is something extraordinary, something that cannot be explained in words.
    When you fall in love, you leave your whole ego behind. You don't want to be that person who is always the center of attention. Now you want to be, but with that person, you want people to look at you for going with the person you are going with. You know that you are falling in love because all you want is to push that person, make them believe in themselves, give them all the positive energy you have, and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. Helping her do whatever she needs and supporting her to be the person she wants to be.

    When you fall in love with Leo, you feel that you are again like a little boy who is very excited about his future.

    Also, you become an unconditional fan of that person that you like so much. Best of all, no part of you feels threatened or under pressure to do something you don't want to do. Everything you do is because you feel like it because you feel it because it comes from you. When you fall in love, you almost lose control of your feelings, and that is when you let yourself go of what you feel. Best of all, you realize that you are in love because you are thrilled.