If Leo Has Anxiety Now, This Is Why

    You've been trying to get something for a long time, and you see how it resists you, Leo. You are strong, and you know it, but now you lack something. You are optimistic, but you are tired of waiting for THAT to happen. You are a person with a lot of self-love. Still, you are starting to get tired of fighting against yourself, of having to fight against that anxiety, against your mind, against your relationships, and everything around you.

    Do not try to change what makes you different from others. Leo, you are a lot of Leo.

    You have to allow yourself to be who you are and not change anything about yourself. You are a compelling person, but everyone has bad days. Not everything is happiness and joy; nothing happens to be sad. Life is not perfect, Leo. You think that you will change how you feel if you change yourself. Do not try to change anything so that others continue to see you as 'the best.
    Accepting yourself will heal you more than you think. Also, Leo, you have grown tired of others seeing you as the person who never fails and has no mistakes.
    Show them that you, too, have flaws and accept them and learn a lot from them. You are tired of doing the right thing, so allow yourself to fail, Leo.