Leo Child - July 23 to August 23

    Discover the dominant traits of the Leo child's astral personality and how you can help stimulate their healthy development.

    The Leo boy wants to be the star of the show. Outgoing, energetic, generous, and loyal, they are the kings of expressions of affection. Hugs, kisses, and a lot of love. This is what you will receive in industrial doses from your little Leo. Baby Leo comes into the world with a smile. Their joie de vivre is contagious. Your little Leo loves games and freedom and has no time to waste. His exuberant personality captivates everyone and everything from the first moment. Easy to carry and friendly, you have plenty of friends and companions to play with. The native of Leo can be truly dramatic. He quickly becomes the party king, entertaining with his antics and skills. For him, everything is a party, and anything deserves to be celebrated. Cheerful, fearless, and confident, they have a heart as big as the world and are born leaders.

    Characteristics of the Leo Sign

    • Date  - from July 23 to August 23 (+/-)
    • Keyword  - I BELIEVE
    • Attributes  - Affectionate, loving, passionate, caring, competitive, courageous, dramatic, funny, self-centered, festive, faithful, generous, concerned, selfish, proud, protective
    • Impulse  - Impress
    • Ruling Planet  -  Sun
    • Element  -  Fire
    • Quality  -  Fixed
    • House  - Fifth
    • Color  - Gold
    • Opposite sign  -  Aquarius

    Your Little Leo

    Generous, creative, fun, energetic, and with a personality as bright and exuberant as the star king, your Leo child likes to be the center of attention. With lots of energy to burn, they need to keep busy all day to get a good night's sleep. Although they like to command and be in command, they come to the aid of their friends and loved ones with the same vigor they defend their ideas and points of view. Your little Leo loves being the center of attention and may need help allowing other people to share the limelight with him. When they are younger, this can be especially relevant with the arrival of a sibling. However, as long as you ensure the continuity of your attention, your little Leo will make a wonderful, overprotective older sibling. Leo is very focused on his goals. He loves the taste of achievement, standing out from the crowd, and being the best in class or on the soccer team. Creative and authoritative, your Leo child quickly takes the initiative and takes control of situations. Since he does not like to be told what to do and disregards the rules of others, parents have to use their diplomacy skills with (a lot) of patience. The native of this sign responds well to rewards and praise, and, when applied well, this type of strategy can do wonders to motivate him. This applies to studying, being involved in a task at home, or, later on, your professional activity. If Leo does not feel relatively valued and rewarded, he will quickly think of an alternative. Your somewhat dramatic and stubborn personality can lead to hype and arrogance. It would be best if you taught your little Lion to be humble and empathetic with others. Involve him in various activities to expend his immense energy and allow him to expand his more entrepreneurial and creative side freely. The Leo child has a bright and outgoing personality. He adapts quickly to new environments and has a friend in every corner of the world. Although he is a fighter and hates to come in second place, he gets along well with everyone. His multifaceted personality is tender and affectionate, and he is a fierce defender of those he loves.

    The Personality of the Leo Child


    • It has a tender soul, but it is capable of turning into a beast
    • Loves meeting people
    • He always has a smile on his lips
    • He likes to celebrate life with friends, and everything is cause for celebration.


    • He hates being taken away from the limelight
    • Can be a big braggart
    • He loves to cause trouble


    • Despite all the showmanship, he has an insecure temperament
    • He needs to be shown how much you love him every day
    • He likes to be famous


    • Have an imposing appearance
    • Anything that represents an adventure, such as dragons, wizards, and fantasy stories
    • People in a good mood and smiling
    • Receive compliments
    • Monopolize everyone's attention
    • Being with people who live life just as lightly

    Does not like

    • Being ignored and going unnoticed
    • Staying still in the same place for a long time
    • Wait for someone or something
    • Routines that are too demanding and inflexible
    • Grumpy people who are never right with life

    What the Leo Boy Desires Most from His Parents

    The Leo child appreciates being around people who are good-humored, bold, outgoing, and, in some situations, extraordinary. Never forget that your little Leo considers himself the star of the house and will do everything possible so that his parents never forget him. His stubbornness may be hard to overcome, but nothing that much affection and understanding can't remedy. Your child has to understand that his freedom ends where others begin. Simple rules and a good routine can work wonders. After all, even if he is self-absorbed, your Leo child has a bright, genuinely generous, and personable personality. Since your child needs a lot of action, prepare for many hours of intense play or organize activities that entertain him. Encourage him to be with children his age and to practice kindness. Teach him that he doesn't need to be the best at everything to be loved and appreciated. The need to be the center of attention must be curbed.

    How to Stimulate Your Leo Child's Talents

    The Leo child likes to be treated like royalty. The throne and crown are his, and he does not like to share attention with anyone. But he is also the best friend you can have and enjoys life carefree. To develop their gifts and talents, keep the following points in mind when interacting with your Leo child:
    • To enhance all the good traits of your little Lion's personality, give him lots of adventure and action. Let him play freely in the park, hang out with his friends, or participate in group activities.
    • Teach your Lion to share the stage of life with other children by encouraging him to play role-playing games. Sometimes someone other than him will get the lead. Your little Lion needs to learn to handle the frustration he feels when someone steals his attention.
    • Feed your child's natural inclinations and encourage him to spend his free time developing these preferences. He is very creative, and he can find his calling in activities such as learning to play an instrument, painting, cooking, writing, gardening or taking care of his pet.
    • Leo tends to be not only the star but also the boss. Guide your child to understand the importance of respecting the space and the way of being of others. Arriving and wanting to change everything suddenly can lead to conflict and less favorable interpretations of your behavior.
    • When you get the attention of a Leo child, do so with affection and humor. Your child can quickly get hurt when you react harshly to him.
    • Very organized, your little Leo needs order in everything he does and in his environment. Give him small responsibilities and chores. Don't forget the reward!

    A Brief Note on Cusps

    Found on both sides of the cusp. If your child was born on the cusp of a Zodiac sign, that is, in the first or last days of the date range of each sign (or when he was born "between two signs"), it may reveal personality traits of the signs. If your child has a small cusp, check both signs, and you may discover some traits of both in your child's character.

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